2 year eflizzer Warranty – eflizzer eBikes, foldable electric velos, eScooter, power wheelchairs and electromobiles are vehicles build with modern technology. They are equipped with high quality components. Therefore we give a warranty of 2 years for the original purchaser for material and processing defects.
The warranty starts with the invoice date. A possible warranty claim has to be discussed with support first. Already made repairs, that haven’t been approved by us, cannot be refunded.
The warranty is not valid for products that are used for a leasing or renting business.

Please report a defect to us at +41 44 520 87 14
oor send us an email to [email protected]

There are no warranty claims for:

  1. Wear parts – This parts include: rims associated with rim brakes, paint, brake pads and brake discs, seat, grips, tires, handlebar, stem, seatpost, bearings and sealings, moving parts, pinions, sprockets, guide wheels, brake and gear cables as well as lamps
  2. Damages caused by conversion, neglect and abuse
  3. Damages caused by faulty maintenance and use
  4. Damages caused by non-observance of instructions in user manual
  5. Damages of all kind caused by non-approved services or installations
  6. Damages due to regular wear