What our customers have to say

Eflizzer Kundin auf Boot

„I took my eflizzer to Orsera in Croatia for my camping and boat vacation. I am so happy, because it took me everywhere. It is an eye-catcher and I made lots of friends. I have difficulties with one leg and a hard time walking, but with the eflizzer I’m able to go everywhere …“

Ruth Straumann, Luzern

eflizzer Commuting Pendler

„I enjoy riding that lightweight to work every day. It became my loyal companion that brings me to work every day without breaking a sweat.“

Stephan Berthoud, Zürich

eflizzer 1-2-3 Faltvelo mit Kinderwagen

„I use a bike trailer to drive my son to daycare every day, my eflizzer is a vigorous help …“

Janine Haltmeier, Chur

Urs Huber eflizzer Kunde

„It’s not hard to see, that I have a lot of fun with my eflizzer…“

Urs Huber, Luzern