What eflizzer e-scooter should I buy?

You want to buy an electric scooter in Switzerland but you are not sure which is the right one for you?
To assist you with your e-Scooter purchase, we will compare our eflizzer models e-Scooter Eco and e-Scooter Mountain. This way you can decide which is the right and suitable electric scooter for you and you can purchase it immediately online.

e-Scooter – Eco

36V – 400W

CHF 1290.00

eflizzer elektro Scooter Steigung 15 Prozent


The low-cost e-Scooter with great range to use for mostly flat terrain with mild to moderate inclines.
In city traffic
On the campsite
For shopping
For day trips
As transportation on a factory or port site

Driving experience

  • Calm and relaxing driving experience
  • Fast familiarization, suitable for beginners
  • Electric scooter with muted motorization


  • Greater range due to lower power consumption of electric scooter
  • Voltage 36V / 400 Watt motor

e-Scooter – Sport

48V – 500W

CHF 1690.00

eflizzer elektro Scooter Steigung 20 Prozent


The sportive e-Scooter with strong acceleration is as well suitable for hilly and steep terrain. Masters even mountain roads.
Ideal for:
Steep inclines
Hilly terrain
Mountain roads
Heavier riders
Driving with a trailer

Driving experience

  • Strong acceleration for sporty driving
  • Requires some practice
  • Louder motorization


  • Shorter distance range due to higher power consumption of electric scooter
  • Voltage 48V / 500 Watt motor
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